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Change The 

Way You Clean.

Say goodbye to laundry woes and 

hello to guilt-free clean!


"These sheets are a game-changer! Snagged them last month—zero spills, no mess. Laundry has become fun!"

Richard Depp

Life's Too Short for Laundry Drama

Australians spend on average 4 hours a week on laundry. 

Over the course of their lifetime will complete 9,204 loads of washing.

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Pop, toss, and walk away. Laundry doesn't get easier than this.

Perfect for sensitive skin, delicates, and even your most active, activewear.

Transform The Way You Wash

Load & Toss

Skip the messy measuring and pre-treating. Just toss your clothes in the washer and grab a Neeet sheet.

Sheet & Go

No dispenser needed! Place your Neeet sheet directly in the drum with your clothes. It's that easy.


Wash & Relax

Sit back, let the plant-powered magic happen. Neeet sheets dissolve instantly, tackle stains & leave your clothes fresh.

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Kiss Chemicals Goodbye


Sustainable Packaging

Laundry For Busy Lives

Forget the messy measuring and chemical tango. Neeet Home is your laundry

love story with pre-portioned sheets that give Mother Earth a high five.


Short on time? We've got your back (and your delicates).

Power Performance

Powerful yet gentle. Our sheets are tough on stains but soft on your clothes and skin.


Reclaim your time. Our sheets dissolve instantly. Simplifying your life.

Pre-portioned Sheets

No measuring or spills, just toss and go! 

No mess, no fuss. Just simplicity!


Make a positive impact with every wash. Contributing to a cleaner planet.

Mission Not Impossible

We're on a crusade for clean clothes, a clean conscience, and a planet that breathes.


Busy parent? Fitness fanatic? Eco conscious?


Plant-powered sheets that conquer stains, pamper skin, and hug the planet? Check.